What is EcoShield?

EcoShield is a unique patented, pre-insulated commercial grade, steel framing system that consists of 18 gauge galvanized steel and expanded polystyrene. It is a cost effective, superior alternative to traditional framing for residential and commercial buildings of all types.

What are the advantages of using EcoShield over other traditional ways of framing?

EcoShield not only supports your building, it literally gives your building a nature-proof barrier of protection against the elements. Consider these benefits:

  • With the super insulating quality of expanded polystyrene (EPS  R27 – R50) EcoShield can achieve energy savings of up to 70% compared to a normally insulated building- savings that will continue for the life of the building.
  • EcoShield’s commercial grade steel framing is 4-5 times stronger than traditional wood framing for greater wind resistance, and a building that will last decades longer.
  • EcoShield’s steel & EPS components are nearly impervious to water, mold, mildew, termites or any other insect damage –  making an EcoShield structure a longer lasting, more maintenance free building.
  • The EcoShield Framing Systems is precision built in a state of the art factory controlled setting, resulting in a straight, plume and square installation which results in a faster finish out and lower construction costs.

On average, and an EcoShield Framing Systems can be completed in 50% – 60% less time than traditional framing, at about the same cost of traditional framing.

How is an EcoShield Building put together?

Here is a short video demonstrating how quick and easy the EcoShield Steel & EPS Framing System works.

How is the EcoShield Pre-Insulated Steel Framing System Made?

A traditional building plan is submitted to EcoShield and is then converted to an EcoShield design using sophisticated, proprietary CAD software.  The plans are then forwarded to our factory where, under strict quality controlled conditions, the building’s walls and roof are precision built into various size “sections.”  Once completed, they are then shipped to the building site for completion.  Examples of some of the various panel configurations:

Typical Wall Section

  • 18 gauge galvanized steel studs.
  • 6” – 10” thick Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).
  • Studs and EPS are chemically welded into sections of various widths and lengths

Typical Window Section

Typical Ecoshield Window Section
  • Window and door openings are pre-built into the frames to within very close tolerances, providing for quick and easy on site installation

Typical Door Section

Typical Ecoshield Door Panel

EcoShield Advantage: The Solution to Thermal Bridging

A traditional 2″x 4″ or  2″x 6″ wood framed building experiences severe “thermal bridging” – which is simply the transfer of energy (heat and cold) through the walls. There are two main reasons for this. The first is due to wood studs.  Wood is a very poor insulator with an R rating of about .75 per inch, so a 2″x 4″ only has about 1.5 R insulation. Second,  traditional batting is many times poorly installed around utilities initially and also begins to sag and deteriorate over time, losing its insulating properties.

EcoShield’s advanced design technology, utilizing steel studs and high density EPS, provides maximum insulation, does not deteriorate over time and virtually eliminates “thermal bridging”.  As a result,  EcoShield requires substantially less HVAC equipment and reduces energy consumption by up to 70%.

This system essentially produces  a protective thermal “envelope” around the structure.  An envelope that not only substantially lowers energy consumption but makes the structure nearly impervious to the hazards and damage caused by water, mold, mildew, termites or any other type of insects.

EcoShield’s™ Pre-insulated Steel and EPS Framing Eliminates Thermal Bridging

Thermal Bridging — The EcoShield Advantage

Thermal Briding - The Ecoshield Advantage

With EcoShield’s patented design, heat/cold are reflected via the super-insulating qualities of EPS and the 1/2” Foam Cap that covers the seams – thus, eliminating any Thermal Bridging.

Traditional Stud & Fiberglass Construction

Heat/Cold passes thru into the building via Thermal Transfer Bridges located on every stud.

EcoShield Steel and EPS Foam

Traditional Wood & Batt Insulation

With EcoShield, there is no thermal bridging, delivering a “whole wall” insulating rating of R27+ for standard 6″ exterior walls and R45+ for 10″ root panels.

Wood studs and fiberglass insulation allow for extensive thermal bridging, delivering an insulating value of only R14, which deteriorates over time becoming even less.  This is because refraction batt insulation and cellulose tend to compress over time exposing the wall cavities to the elements

How EcoShield’s unique patented design creates almost free additional space

EcoShield Attic

Ecoshield Attic

Heat or cold is reflected by 10” thick R-45 insulation and does not go through.

Traditional Attic

Traditional Attic

Heat or cold penetrate the roof in traditional built attics.

EcoShield patented design eliminates the need for extensive supportive cross braces in a building attic resulting in much more usable space.  Combine this benefit with the fact that EcoShield roof has an R-45 insulation value – for very little added cost.

Once unusable attic space (except for strong non-capsulated sensitive doors) can be used for added space for very little added cost.

  • Free certified installation training for all employees & subs
  • A designated account director trained in installation
  • Telephone Hotline
  • Online Installation “How To” Videos
  • Volume Discounts

The EcoShield Protection Advantage

Mother Nature does not stand a chance when it comes to the ongoing protection EcoShield Framing Systems provides.

EcoShield, being impervious to water, mold, mildew and wood destroying insect damage, makes it an an ideal framing choice for areas high in humidity or prone to flooding.

The strength of EcoShield’s Framing System makes it an ideal choice for high risk geographic areas prone to tornados and hurricanes.  In fact, it’s important to note that the EcoShield Framing System can be designed to withstand damaging winds up to 150 mph or more.

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The Bottom Line

EcoShield can be built in less time and for less money than traditional framing. It’s stronger, longer lasting, is more energy efficient, quieter and with its nature-proof properties, produces a more maintenance free structure.


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