EcoShield: The Next Generation of Framing

EcoShield is a customizable, pre-insulated, steel-framed building panel used to construct residential and commercial building envelopes, arguably the most important component of the building. Each panel is designed, engineered, and built using computer aided design (CAD) software in a factory-controlled setting.

EcoShield is comprised of high-strength, closed cell, expanded polystyrene foam which is supported on all four sides by 18 gauge steel framing. This results in extremely strong, light-weight, and easy to assemble panels. EcoShield enables builders to produce a higher quality building with greatly reduced long-term maintenance and continued energy savings throughout the life of the building.

Builders, consider this:

  • 50-60% reduced labor to dry-in your building.
  • All electrical and plumbing routing is pre-cut at the factory for quicker installation.
  • The entire building is pre-engineered and pre-cut in a factory controlled setting, so construction waste is significantly reduced.

EcoShield is the next evolution of structural insulation panels (SIP) and eliminates all the shortcomings of the old SIP design.

  • EcoShield is stronger and tighter when assembled.
  • Frames are light-weight and assemble quickly.
  • Panels contain no wood material, eliminating the potential for mildew, mold, and insect damage.
  • The product is quickly and easily modified if required.
  • Frames are impervious to water, no moisture or vapor wrap required.
  • EcoShield accommodates any type of exterior finish, including brick, stone, stucco, or metal.

In addition, EcoShield provides its Contractor Partners full support including:

EcoShield provides the construction industry with a wide range of advantages over traditional framing products. These advantages create greater profitability as well as help you differentiate yourselves from the rest of the competition.

Key advantages are:

  • EcoShield cuts framing time by 50%-60% – saving interim construction cost.
  • About the same cost or less than wood framing.
  • Eliminates on-site waste and clean-up.
  • Materials are not on the ground as long — less loss to theft.
  • Attic space is no longer unusable as living space.
  • EcoShield is precision made in a quality controlled factory environment, resulting in an improved plumb, warp-free and faster completed project.
  • This results in a very “tight” structure that requires less HVAC to heat and cool and a cleaner, healthier, more allergen-free living environment.
  • Energy consumption cut by more than half is an easier sell.
  • Easily meets new codes in high-risk weather zones.
  • Walls, doors and widows will not warp due to humidity.